Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction

Tales: A Cautionary Story About Heroin Addiction

The book and short film, by Theresa DeSalvio, both share a compelling story about the dangers of heroin addiction. DeSalvio created this book and film in response to a growing awareness of the heroin epidemic that is sweeping across our country. The author and artist utilizes the character of Pinocchio to tell this story – not the pleasant Disney version, but rather her own version inspired by the original and much-darker story told by Carlo Collodi – and shows how Pinocchio does not look at the consequences of his experiments with drugs.

The story aims to show that the addict may tell himself or herself that what they are doing only affects them, whereas nothing can be further from the truth. Addiction touches not only those that care about the addict but also the larger community.

The goal is for this book and film to open up discussions within families, classrooms and communities. We need an honest look at addiction in order to affect the decisions that people make.

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