Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction


Yuko Nii Foundation

March 17, 2017

Dear Theresa,

I would like to thank you very much for “Tales: A Cautionary Story About Heroin Addiction,” which was shown during the 18th Annual WAH Salon show held from January 28 to February 19, 2017.

It was very interesting to see how you used the allegorical character, Pinocchio, as a victim of heroin addiction and to demonstrate how he traveled through his hard journey to overcome addiction, all with your wonderful illustrations and narrative story. It was very entertaining and also educational. I hope this film will reach a wider audience, not only to the young drug users, but also their families, and their friends, schools, and beyond.

Especially today, the drug users population has been on the rise, and it has become an epidemic, endangering not only the drug users’ own lives, but their families, friends, and the society at large.

I am very pleased to have had a chance to view your film and appreciate your geniune effort in trying to make us aware of the danger of drugs and make our living healthier and free from addiction.

Your film will be treasured in the Yuko Nii Foundation’s permanent collection along with some other’s works and when we find a right time to have another viewing event, I would like to show your film to our audience.

Many thanks,

Yuko Nii,
Founder and Artistic Director of the WAH Center
Founder of the Yuko Nii Foundation