Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction
School Version
Recommended: Teen viewers.

This version is school appropriate. It does not include the image and statistical commentary about Addiction and Sex Workers or the image “Pinocchio Makes a Noose.” All of the other images, narrative and statistical commentary are the same as in the Festival version.

Artist, author, filmmaker Theresa DeSalvio reimagines Pinocchio in this story as the boy who does not look at consequences, experiments with drugs and becomes addicted to heroin. The film, through DeSalvio’s painted images and narration, chronicles the devastating effects that heroin addiction had on Pinocchio’s life, including his attempts to kick his habit and put his life back in order. The film’s images and narrative are interwoven with statistical commentary on the many areas that addiction touches upon, including:

  • What is Addiction?
  • Effects of Addiction on the Family
  • Addiction and Criminal Behavior
  • Addiction Is a Disease
  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Rebuilding Relationships

Running time: 16:00

Son to Mother: “This story is sad.”
Mother to Son: “Yes it is. Heroin addiction is very sad.”

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